Hi, I’m Carley Johnson

I'm a fashion ecommerce expert with over 15 years of experience.

Since 2012 I have been trading global wholesale accounts worth $100M+ per year, so you could say I'm sales growth obsessed!

In 2019 I to launch my own fashion business to help others. So I know exactly what it takes to launch your own online brand.

I have helped to launch numerous fashion brands over the last decade across UK, AUS and US. Supporting those with an idea into profitable brands.

My career history spans being a textile designer, fashion buyer, wholesale account manager to most recent years new business development manager.

I truly understand this industry and will teach you how to succeed across a spectrum of disciplines.

As a business we are connected to BOF and AFC to bring you the most up to date information and leading fashion platforms like ASOS, Zalando, Nordstrom to ensure we know the latest market trends.

An Introduction to our Full Course:

How to launch a profitable fashion brand - taking you from idea to launch & onto growth stage

Student Testimonials

Beccy Catherine - Australia

I have fully completed your course, quite quickly actually, I think that’s because I spent a lot of time Indoors more than usual due to lockdown

I’m actually launching my own brand soon, so your course will definitely help!

Jenny B - London

The Unzipped Course was great. I loved the style of teaching, everything was very easy to learn, with really informative content and workbooks. The most useful lesson I learnt from the course was really homing in on what my niche was in the market and how to position that. From there I developed so many ideas to make my business stand out. I feel that I now have the confidence and tools to launch and grow my fashion brand online.

Isyi Soriah - London

I’m working on my collection and modest fashion blog whilst taking the course. Because of the course, I’ve learnt better ways to launch my brand!

I must confess Carley the course is very detailed and isn’t something that can be rushed and I love that! The course has made me realise there are a lot of areas I need to research on for my company to remain relevant.

It’s a wonderful course!