Introduction to step 2 outlining purpose and goals.

You've made it to step 2! That must mean by now that you have an amazing validated niche that you are no ready to develop further!

Launching a fashion brand doesn't mean you simply make some dresses, launch them online and hope for the best. To succeed there are many factors you now need to consider when planning your launch collection. These are:

  • When do you want to launch? Is that summer or winter? & what country will you launch in therefore what climate, cultural and economical effects will apply?
  • Will you launch petite or plus size?
  • Men's, women's, kids etc
  • How many options and how many drops per season?
  • Will you be sustainable or not? & how can you become a sustainable brand.

The list goes on ...

You need to consider your collection, and it needs to relate to your market, customer and your niche. You need to plan and be comfortable with what you're able to achieve and it's within your control to launch on time.

Once your collection framework is set, the next fundamental planning step is to learn how to create your launch plan. Setting all key milestones you need to achieve to launch on time.

Once you've completed this set you should feel really clear and comfortable with what you need to achieve next in which to launch your fashion brand.

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