Introduction to step 4 outlining purpose and goals.

You are over half way there now! Amazing work!

By this stage you now have a launch collection that is designed and ready to ship! It has been thoroughly considered, researched and validated and you're feeling super confident about it. This is A HUGE achievement! Now it's time to get into the sensible details of managing your business.

In step 3, you started to look at costing your collection, but now you need to go one step further and learn how to build a budget. Why? Without a budget, a) how do you know how much money you have left (cashflow management), b) How do you know you're making a good margin with your launch collection?, c) What are your sales target upon launch? (sales forecasting)

You not only want to launch on time but also to be profitable upon launch and this only comes from building a budget in which to manage your cash flow and set expectations.

Aside from finances, in this step, you will also learn business set up 101! You will learn what you need to do pre-launch to ensure your business is official and not just a hobby.

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