Introduction to step 6 outlining purpose and goals.

The 6th and final step! Congratulations!

By this point you will have launched your fashion brand online and be looking to grow!

At the end of step 5 we talked through how to read your initial sales data, now it's time to delve deeper and look at a wider set of growth options. Growth can be interpreted to mean numerous different things, either way our goal is to take you from initial launch phase and grow your business from that base, entry status. You will learn 5 key growth topics:

  • Sales methods to increase sales and brand awareness.
  • Profitable growth marketing strategies.
  • Listen to data & demand and you will grow.
  • Improve and refine your CS - remember a customers always right!!
  • Grow your brand by growing your network and team.

The goal of each topic is to teach you how to grow your fashion brand, always focusing on sales growth ($), using different but specific methods.

Post launch, year 1, it is not expected that you implement every growth method we will teach you in step 6, but for you to select 2-5 and for you to implement these using your launch plan template. After this refer back to step 6 for year 2, 3, even 4 and choose your next set of growth focuses, planning growth either by season or by full year.

Growth is a continually step you will keep referring back to throughout the life of your fashion brand as you'll always be trying to be bigger and better, pushing your boundaries of existence and inspiring others!

Best of luck growing your fashion brand!

All the best Carley.J Founder of Unzipped :)

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