Introduction to step 3 outlining purpose and goals.

Welcome to step 3! This is now when it gets really exciting! ... You now have the framework for your collection and a launch date to work too, now it is time to make your collection come to life by designing, making and shipping it!

Lets get creative! To start the design process you will learn how to seek trends, how to build a mood board and set a collection color palette. How you choose to sketch/draw your designs is your choice, but once you have drawn your collection based on your framework you will then create a range plan for your collection. Now visually you will be able to see your complete launch collection, congrats!

Now lets learn how to make it! You now have a mood board and sketches (range plan), you will have an idea about what fabrics you want to use and you will know the details of your design, so now you need to find someone to make it! You will learn how to source and find a manufacturer to make our collection, along with ways of working tips. The next step in making your collection is learning how to fit & QC check your styles, this is an essential lesson for your brands success.

Ship it! Upon agreeing to work with a manufacturer, part of the order placing process is to state your packing and shipping choices. We will cover in depth your shipping and warehousing options, as well as, your packing and last mile delivery options. Customer service and speed are key to your success!

Lot's of decisions will be made in this step, setting up the creative future of your fashion business.

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