Introduction to step 5 outlining purpose and goals.

Welcome to step 5! Step 5 is another really exciting and creative step. In step 5 you will learn how to bring your brand to life and then tell the world about it through pre-launch marketing and through launching your chosen sales channel. How exciting is that!

By this stage you will have found your niche, planned your collection, design, made and shipped your collection, you will be managing your business, so now all that's left to do is build that brand and launch it!

Step 5 will teaching you branding and marketing fundamentals needed to ensure you launch with impact. We don't only want to teach you how to launch but how to launch with impact. We want you to have a recognizable brand, an active audience that is ready to buy your product, that believe in your brand.

There are so many lessons you will learn from how to name your brand, how to choose your colour palette and font through to producing a logo. In marketing fundamentals you will learn the basics of how to market your brand, what are the measurable metrics. Once you've learnt the basics then you will learn marketing methods pre-launch.

Other critical topics you will be taught in step 5 are; MVP for your website, how to build an effective social media campaign and how to test pre-launch.

The final lesson of topic 5 is post-launch. We want you to launch and know how to trade immediately, that's why we have included this lesson in step 5. You need to know if your launch was successful and either know how to improve or resolve it.

By the end of this step you will have launched your fashion brand online!

Meet your guest speaker Jesse Mullins from Ooze Studios. Jesse will be teaching you both Topic 4 & 5 of Step 5 and further growth marketing tactics in Step 6.

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