How to complete this course

It's your course to control! This is what we recommend ...

How you choose to complete this course is completely your choice, we are simply recommending how we intended it to be completed.

Guidance on how to complete this course:

  • Start with step 1 and progressively complete each step in order, not skipping a step.
  • Within each step and topic, please complete the project work when it is set. You could choose to complete all project work at the end of the step, but I would encourage you to complete it when it is set, so that you have the opportunity to implement what you have just learnt whilst it's fresh in your head.
  • Use your master workbook as the source of every thing! It contains 50+ templates, checklists for you to complete, and we also encourage you to write your notes in there from any decisions made, or even document your to do list and ideas in there. Then you will have 1 safe, centralised document for your fashion brand.
  • We encourage you to watch all videos, as the videos elaborate on the information documented in the PDF workbooks.
  • If you have questions during the course, don't be afraid to contact us [email protected]
  • At the end of the course we would love to hear from you; what is your brand's mission? What product are you selling and where? When will or did you launch? Share your URL and IG account :)
  • Don't forget unless you already have to join our closed FB group to meet fellow startups. Fashion Brand Launch & Growth Advise with Unzipped
  • Once you have completed your course also don't forget to book your 1-2-1 coaching call with Carley.J. You can book a time here.

This is your course to have fun with! So take your time, enjoy learning and soon you will know how to launch your fashion brand online!

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